Gemma Merna hopes she won't flash on Splash!

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  • 4 January 2014
Gemma Merna

Gemma Merna

'Hollyoaks' actress Gemma Merna says her swimsuit for tonight's (04.01.14) episode will be very revealing, but she's hoping to avoid any mishaps when she hits the water

Gemma Merna says her breasts will need to be "strapped in" on 'Splash!'.

The 'Hollyoaks' star is set to wear a very racy swimsuit on the celebrity diving contest tonight (04.01.14) and while she is certain it will be a "treat" for her male fans, she also wants to make sure there are no unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "It's very sparkly and quite bright. I'm sure it will give the male viewers a treat - I've got to make an impression.

"But my boobs will have to be strapped in because you hit the water so hard the suit could come off."

Despite hoping for a glamorous look when she takes to the water, Gemma has already had her share of mishaps in training and even punched herself in the eye after she "panicked" during a dive.

She explained: "The first time I went off the three-metre board, I panicked and opened my arms and smashed my face onto the water.

"It was so painful, my left hand punched my eye so I had a bruise from that.

"A few times I've overextended my back and bent that, so I've had an injury there. It's really hardcore on your body, but it's worth it."

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