Kate Winslet prefers ordinary roles

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  • 4 January 2014
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet prefers to play ordinary characters rather than glamorous parts because she can fully focus on the storyline being conveyed

Kate Winslet enjoys playing ordinary characters.

The 'Labor Day' star prefers roles in which she can be natural looking or even dressed down because she hates sitting in the make-up chair for hours before shooting.

Kate also finds it easier to focus on her lines and the story she is trying to convey if she isn't preoccupied with looking perfect all the time on set.

She said: "I've always preferred playing characters who aren't supposed to look beautiful. I love saying, 'Don't make me look nice,' or, 'Make my face look rounder.'

"It's less to think about if my look is raw and it means less being fiddled with by make-up artists. That way, I get the best of both worlds - that side of it for my job and the dressing up bit for the red carpet."

The 38-year-old actress does enjoy experimenting with different hair styles both at work and at home.

However, Kate isn't a massive fan of hair extensions because she finds it difficult to remove them even with the help of her husband Ned Rocknroll.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, she said: "I had a French braid in my hair recently for an event and I loved it. It was funny taking it out though - my husband, Ned, and I were over the sink trying to work out which bits were extensions and what was hair. I was cutting bits, saying, 'Hang on, was that mine? Oops, I just cut my own hair.' "

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