EastEnders' Letitia Dean: Sharon belongs with Phil

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  • 3 January 2014
Sharon and Phil kissing

Sharon Rickman and Phil Mitchell

'EastEnders' star Letitia Dean believes Phil Mitchell is the only one for Sharon Rickman and would like to see their relationship work this time around after many failed attempts

'EastEnders' star Letitia Dean believes Phil Mitchell is the only one for Sharon Rickman.

The 46-year-old actress - who plays the bossy blonde - would like to see her alter-ego permanently settle down with the dangerous businessman (Steve McFadden) after they have struggled to get their romance off the ground on previous occasions.

Letitia said: "I really hope [their relationship will work this time], but I'm sure there will be bumps along the way. Phil still has that element of danger Sharon's always loved, although I don't think she really wants danger in her life any more. Whether she gets it again will be another story..."

Sharon moved in with Phil last week, but Letitia insists she only did that in order to provide her son Denny, whom she shares with the late Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman), with some security.

She explained: "With Sharon, things always happen too fast...she's always dived straight in. But now her theory is better the devil you know. She's got a child and she wants that security for them. She feels safe with Phil, she feels protected and she always has with him."

However, the single mother has to try and keep her envious side at bay as she struggles to deal with Phil's previous girlfriend Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) make catty remarks about their romance.

Speaking to Soaplife magazine, Letitia said: "Sharon knows deep down Shirley meant something to Phil. I don't think she wants to know too much about it, but she's wary."

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