Union J don't expect One Direction's success

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  • 2 January 2014
Union J

Union J

Union J admit there has been pressure on them to match the success of One Direction but insist it will take time

Union J don't expect to be as big as One Direction.

The 'Carry You' singers admit there has been pressure on them to achieve a string of number one hits following their 2012 stint on the 'X Factor', but insist it will take time before they achieve the same success as their predecessors.

In a column written for the Daily Star newspaper, they explained: "Louis Walsh, who was our mentor on X Factor said recently he expected us to have a number one by now.

"Everyone thought we were going to be the second One Direction in a minute because we were a boy band from the same show. But they didn't get as famous as they are until the first year and a half through their career."

Despite narrowly missing out on a number one single, the boys - Josh Cuthbert,21, JJ Hamblett, 25, Jaymi Hensley,23, and George Shelly,20, - enjoyed touring the UK and are excited to record their second album after signing a follow-up deal with Sony.

They added: "We want some new producers to work with, get a new sound and find that lane we want to go down.

"Every song on our album is good but we want that massive hit that cuts over from very good to amazing.

"With merchandise on our tour doing ridiculously well, we want our music to be as good as that."

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