5 Reasons To Go See - Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

1 He’s Ryan Adams not Bryan Adams One specialises in alt.country/americana of the highest order, switching between heart-wrenching ballads and some of the catchiest rock tunes you’ll ever hear. The latter does not.

2 He’s focussed, man! Ol’ Ryan’s had a tough time of late, having battled a serious drug problem but now that he’s all cleaned up he’s back on track with new album, Easy Tiger. Which, in our humble opinion, is well worth a listen.

3 The man can’t stop In 2005 he churned out three albums (one of which was a double). Now he’s got Easy Tiger and a new EP to plug. He also recently released a slew of (ironic?) hip hop albums via his website under the name DJ Reggie. To be honest, though, they’re bobbins.

4 You never know what you’re gonna get Whether it’s falling off-stage and breaking his wrist, espousing the virtues of not washing or playing punk-versions of his biggest songs Adams’ performances are notoriously unpredictable. Still, there’s something for everyone.

5 There’s more to come There are currently rumours of a box set containing three unreleased albums (including the near-legendary Suicide Handbook) and various B-sides. That said there have been rumours of the box set’s release for donkeys now so we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath.

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Sat 1 Dec.

Ryan Adams

The impish New York troubadour known for a) being incredibly prolific and b) the occasional public meltdown on the internet, returns with some new material. His output to date has spanned straight country, alt.rock, Taylor Swift and even punk.

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