Greg Rucka, Marl Verheiden, Gail Simone & Various (3 stars)

Superman: Sacrifice (DC)


Yet another chapter in DC’s gargantuan Infinite Crisis, this one at least lends a little character work to the usual monolithic superhero dust-ups that usually infest such crossovers. We start off with Superman undergoing a crisis of confidence, and, having seen various nasty things happen to his nearest and dearest, giving old bad guys like Brainiac and Darkseid a proper beating. It turns out he’s been brainwashed though, and the real object of his crippling violence was Batman. Cue Wonder Woman to the rescue. But is her solution any better than the evil she’s battling?

The quality of the book does rise and fall and a few good old-fashioned cliffhangers build a reasonable amount of tension. One to please the fanboys, certainly.

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