Kylie – X (2 stars)

Kylie – X

X (Parlophone)


On listening to Kylie’s tenth long player it wouldn’t be completely unfair to assume that a substantial portion of her adult fan base (like many Oasis fans) are more in love with the idea of Kylie than with the musical reality. Of her albums, only three have ever been worth more than cursory listens and this isn’t one of them. Recent arrivals Girls Aloud and Britney only remind us that X offers relatively little in the way of visceral pop thrills. In fact, one of the most appealing tracks could have been lifted from Ms Spears’ Blackout while at least a couple could be off-cuts Madonna rejected from her Confessions . . . album. To be fair, Kylie’s never been the strongest of vocalists but this identikit pop lacks the pizazz or power of previous peaks. The sound of a pop princess growing old disgracefully, but not in a good way.

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