David Tennant in the dark on Broadchurch future

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  • 29 December 2013
Olivia Colman and David Tennant in Broadchurch

David Tennant

'Broadchurch' star David Tennant has admitted he has no idea if his character Detective Inspector Alec Hardy will be killed off, and insisted he and the rest of the cast have been left in the dark

David Tennant is scared his 'Broadchurch' character might be killed off.

The actor has admitted he has no idea what the future holds for Detective Inspector Alec Hardy in the drama and he suggested some of his co-stars are jumping the gun by saying they will definitely be back for the new series.

Speaking to Radio 4, he said: "We don't know where the characters are going. We don't know the story he is telling.

"Some people say they know they are in it. I am not sure they do, though. I think some might get a shock."

And after Alec Hardy was suffering from a "heart attack" in the previous series, David has no idea how writer Chris Chibnall will handle his character as the show moves forward.

He added: "I was dying of a heart attack, so I don't know how able Alec Hardy will be to do any more crime fighting, so we will have to see."

David has been exploring other projects since leaving 'Doctor Who' in 2010, and he admitted his return for the science fiction show's 50th anniversary celebrations was something that was always on his mind.

He previously explained: "I was aware when I left that the 50th anniversary wasn't very far away.

"And there's that thing with 'Doctor Who' where the moment you get the job, people are asking when you're going to leave.

"The moment you leave, people ask when you're coming back. It's a possibility that's always being visited upon you by other people."


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they would be mad to kill him off

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