Suzanne Shaw doing Dancing on Ice for her dad

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  • 29 December 2013
Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw is returning to 'Dancing on Ice' for her late father, who died just over a year ago, because he was so proud of her when she took part in the programme in 2009

Suzanne Shaw is returning to 'Dancing on Ice' for her late father.

The 32-year-old singer and actress - who won the skating competition in 2009 - revealed one of the main reasons for returning is for her father because he was so proud of her when she originally appeared on the show.

Suzanne said: "I am really gutted as 'Dancing on Ice' was my dad's favourite job I ever did and he will be looking down on me when I go out on the ice. I will get emotional. He was there every week with a big beam smiling on his face.

"My step-mum told me that he would have a glass of wine afterwards and put on his earphones and re-watch the show. He did it every night and that is really sad to think about. He died just over a year ago now and it is really tough. He was only 61."

She added: "It will be very poignant. It is one of the big reasons why I decided to do it. I would have called him for his advice and I know he would have said 'go on, do it'."

The former 'Hear'Say' band member initially partnered up with Matt Evers in 2009, who she will be skating with again in the up-and-coming series and she says they are extremely close and he even attended her father's funeral to support her.

Suzanne gushed: "'Dancing on Ice' has given me a wonderful friendship with Matt. We are like brother and sister. We speak every week and he came to my dad's funeral. He comes to family events and he is a great friend."

She added: "I am quite competitive and it is a bit silly saying you are going to do a competition and not win. Everybody wants to win. I want to be nostalgic this time. I want to enjoy it more and I am going to try and not get too stressed."

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