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  • 28 December 2013
Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah is inspired by his everyday life and says he is constantly making notes for new songs

Tinie Tempah can't stop writing.

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker is inspired by his everyday life, and even when he is having fun with his friends, he is always using his phone to make notes for new songs.

Asked about his songwriting process, he said: "It's very natural. Most of my lyrics are inspired by my everyday life, and because I'm in quite a fortunate position, I'm swimming in sources of inspiration.

"My thing is to constantly take notes on my smartphone. When I change country, when I've got a long and difficult day, when I spend a 100 per cent fun weekend, I'm still writing. I collect lyrics."

Tinie stores his lyrics until he finds a piece of music he likes then tries to fit the right words to the beat.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "Then when I hear a beat that speaks to me, I have a browse in my phone and piece it all together. It's kind of like a construction game."

Tinie has a huge list of diverse artists he dreams of collaborating with one day.

He said: "I would love to work with the Arctic Monkeys. Seriously, their new album is amazing! Crystal Castles too, they're a Candian duo who make instrumental electronic music which is really good. I'm really into this young R&B singer called Banks. And then Adele, Kanye West, Drake... That's quite a long list!"

Tinie Tempah

UK rapper adding grime and dubstep to the mix.

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