Calum Martin - The Megantic Outlaw: A Gaelic Legend (3 stars)

Calum Martin - The Megantic Outlaw: A Gaelic Legend

The Megantic Outlaw: A Gaelic Legend (Ridge Records)


Calum Martin is better known for leading the Lewis Gaelic Psalm Singers these days, but this CD goes back to 1983, when the original version of his Gaelic-rock opus was issued. The songs were based on the true story of one Donald Morrison, born in Quebec of Hebridean immigrant parents in 1858, and forced into outlawry by deceit and injustice (a classic folk scenario).

This CD is not just a reissue, though. Working from his studio on Lewis, Martin has employed the resources of broadband and the internet to involve a whole new range of musicians on both sides of the Atlantic in re-recording his original material. It is appropriate that the revamped version should appear on Runrig’s record label, since it certainly comes out of the same impulse to take Gaelic music and dress it in the full-on colors and rhythmic drive of rock music.

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