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The Wee Man

Who’s he then? Creation of Neil Bratchpiece, smallest comedy member of the not very tall Bratchpiece Family, The Wee Man is a pure wee basturt Burberry fiend whose stage demeanour ranges wildly from quite threatening to really very threatening indeed.

Oh right, yet another ned character then? Yes, maybe, but this one is actually very funny indeed. As well as appearing with his brethren and faither at the Fringe this year, his greatest success was nabbing a place in the final of the Scottish Comedian of the Year Awards in 2006 and 2007.

Didn’t win then? Afraid not, but he certainly made a vivid impression on judge Steve Bennett of comedy website Chortle. Having written a less than complimentary review of The Wee Man in 2006, the pair came face to face this year in the Old Fruitmarket with confrontational and amusing consequences. Whether Steve will return north ever again is uncertain.

What kind of thing does The Wee Man do in his spare time, of which we imagine there must be loads He’s an enthusiastic swinger whose favourite TV shows are Crimewatch, Britain’s Dumbest Criminals and Watercolour Challenge and numbers Malcolm X, Ving Rhames and Sandi Toksvig among his heroes.

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 9 Dec.


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