Mary Berry doesn't spoil grandkids at Christmas

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  • 23 December 2013
Mary Berry at BPG sponsored by Discovery Channel

Mary Berry

'Great British Bake Off' star Mary Berry insists she doesn't spoil her grandchildren at Christmas and instead buys them practical gifts like tennis lessons

Mary Berry buys her grandchildren "experiences" for Christmas.

The 'Great British Bake Off' judge and her husband Paul Hunnings have five grandchildren but they refuse to spoil them over the festive season and always stick to a budget.

She said: "We're good at keeping to a budget and nearly always give them an experience, like sailing lessons or tennis lessons. We don't give them toys. Abby and Grace, [my son] Thomas' girls are 12, and [my daughter] Annabel has Louis, eight, Tobie, six, and Atlanta, two."

Mary and her husband entertain their whole family for Christmas and though she loves being in the kitchen, she shares cooking duties.

She explained: "We always have the family over, including our grandchildren. We have a turkey with all the trimmings, fresh veg, Christmas pudding, trifle, mince pies.

"I love doing the cooking but we share it."

Mary is undoubtedly a cool grandmother to her five grandkids and even revealed earlier this year that she went clubbing in Ibiza at the age of 71.

'Bake Off' host Sue Perkins recalled: "I was saying to her, 'I'm going to Ibiza this summer, I've never been.' She said to me, 'Oh I went to Ibiza, darling. I went to somewhere called Pacha.' Mary was 71!"

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