Matt Smith wants to 'conquer time travel'

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  • 22 December 2013
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith has joked he wants to do "time travel" and actress Jennifer Lawrence before he dies, and revealed he and Steven Moffat planned a "weird" prank on the 'Doctor Who' writer's neighbour

Matt Smith wants to do "time travel" and Jennifer Lawrence before he dies.

The departing 'Doctor Who' star has opened up about his non-professional goals and - as well as a fling with the Hollywood star and becoming a real-life Time Lord - he also said he wants to "own a dog".

Asked by the Sunday Mirror newspaper's Notebook magazine what he wants to do before he dies, he joked: "Well, I'll start at Jennifer Lawrence.

"And then I think I'll actually conquer time travel. And I'd quite like to own a dog."

The actor also revealed he was close to playing a cruel prank on writer Steve Moffat's neighbour involving a prop monster from the show.

Matt admitted: "[He] has a real Weeping Angel, a proper big one, down at the bottom of his garden.

"We thought it might be funny to place it in his neighbour's garden and then I'd get dressed up in character and go and knock on the door, but we didn't do it because that would be weird."

The monsters stand up well against the show's history of villains and foes for The Doctor, and they are one of Matt's favourites to have acted with.

He explained: "To me, it's always been the Weeping Angels, because I think it's one of the cleverest monsters.

"Or maybe the Silence. And the Whisper Men - I thought they were brilliant and very scary."


1. Chris Straits24 Dec 2013, 4:11pm

The Doctor sleeps, to rise no more
His resting place is Trenzalore...

The Doctor may not be the only one regenerating in the Christmas episode; The Time Of The Doctor.

There's a youtube clip going around, that's had over 14,000 views so far, of the apparent next 'regeneration' of The Master
who will be facing off against Capaldi in the forthcoming eighth series.

According to several tweets by tweeter '@jamesstoker1963' The Master maybe returning for the Christmas episode and beyond.
He's tweeted the youtube audition clip with these details:

"I got this apparent audition clip from a youtube user account IzzyAlive (which now seems to have been deleted) who claimed: "A friend of mine in an actors co-operative agency got sent this clip with 4 others in an email that they'd been 'CC'D into when casting another show I can't mention.
The other 3 clips were relevant to the show they were casting but this one was marked:

'The Master DW2014' (Moff select final review clip).

I don't know who the actor is but maybe they're going with an 'unknown' to play The Master after casting a 'known' actor in Peter Capaldi to play the 12th Doctor? I guess we'll find out soon enough"

You can see the clip at:

The Bells of Trenzalore Fall Silent, My Friend
As The Time of The Doctor Comes To An End...

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