Michelle Keegan: Mark Wright doesn't mind Coronation Street kissing

Michelle Keegan has insisted her fiancé Mark Wright doesn't get jealous when he sees her kissing co-stars on 'Coronation Street' because he knows it's part of the job

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Michelle Keegan says Mark Wright doesn't mind her 'Coronation Street' kissing scenes.

The actress - who will leave the soap in 2014 - has insisted her fiancé has no problems with her locking lips with her co-stars because he knows it's part of the "job".

She told The Sun newspaper's TV Magazine: "Mark doesn't mind. He understands it's my job.

"We watch 'Corrie' together and he's seen me do a kissing seen and he wasn't at all bothered."

As Michelle nears the end of her tenure as Tina McIntyre - who will be killed off in May - she admitted to getting emotional knowing this will be her last Christmas on the show.

She said: "After I had my audition, in December 2007, I remember walking down the Street and the big Christmas tree was up. Now this is the last time I'll ever see it.

"I remember when I got the part of Tina - I was working in Selfridges and got the phone call. I just screamed.

"It's been such an amazing job - so it's very sad, but it's really exciting too ... I'm just so happy that Tina will be going out with such a massive bang."


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