Simon Spurrier & Tan Eng Huat - Silver Surfer: In Thy Name No 1 (4 stars)

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer: In Thy Name No 1 (Marvel)


With extensive work for 2000AD, various licensed and original novels, and his recent Gutsville series for Image already behind him, Simon Spurrier is the hottest young British writer in comics. This four-part limited series, however, represents his first major work in America, so it’s a good thing he manages to get it just right. His characterisation of the Silver Surfer is spot-on, foregoing am-dram superheroics for the perfect blend of omnipotent mystery and humane self-doubt. The plot, with the Surfer stumbling upon a seemingly utopian alien society named the Ama Collective, is an example of Spurrier’s typically skewed sci-fi perspective.

Fellow newcomer Tan Eng Huat’s art refreshingly harks back to certain Marvel artists of the 80s, his linework (coloured by Jose Villarrubia) proving detailed and full of quirky images. That his more outlandish characters’ facial expressions can be hard to read is a minor complaint about a very promising first issue.

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