Alternative top 5 albums of 2013, featuring Penny Penny, Andy Kaufman and Lithic Grid

Alternative top 5 albums of 2013, featuring Penny Penny, Andy Kaufman and Lithic Grid

Five LPs you may not have heard this year - but are definitely worth tracking down

Various artists – Dark Acid 2

(Clan Destine)
Part 2 in a series of acid/ techno records. This gently-face-melting beauty features Glasgow-based artists Stefan Blomeier, Claire (real name Elise Tippins), Tropics of Cancer (with members of Golden Teacher) and Bläck|Tract (a project involving Ela Orleans). Yes boss!

Various artists – Lithic Grid

(Instructional Media)
Delirious, warped electronic sounds from Glasgow, on this compilation by Instructional Media, showcasing the varied output of Lithic Grid – a collective made up of  Lewis Cook, Diane Edwards, Jamie and Rickie McNeill (Fox Gut Daata/Cru Servers), Callum Monteith and others. An anti-bedroom-production, it was recorded ‘communally’, and live.

Various artists – The History of the Emulator II Shakuhachi Flute Sample

(self-released/ Good Press Gallery)
In a stroke of geek-genius, Glasgow musician Joe Howe assembles all the uses of a preset flute keyboard sample, via Peter Gabriel (it’s that one right at the start of ‘Sledgehammer’), Coil, SNAP, Enigma and James Ferraro. Please go and do a whole series now Joe?

Penny Penny – Shaka Bundu

(Awesome Tapes from Africa)
One of my favourite labels this year, and they’re playing Optimo’s Hogmanay party too – which promises to be amazing. Hard to single out a favourite, but this South African house reissue from the 90s makes my day, every time.

Andy Kaufman – Andy and His Grandmother

(Drag City)
2013 saw a sublime beyond-the-grave hoax from the unforgettably odd, pioneering comedian. These are his tape recordings of candid post-coital critiques, grandmother chinwags, animal chats, social satire and snort-out-loud funny stuff.