Justin Gray, Jimmy Paliotti & Adam Archer - Friday the 13th (3 stars)

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (Wildstorm)


Movie spin-offs are often pretty ropey affairs, desperately trying to wheedle a few bucks from fans clamouring for more product while the hype is still clouding their judgement. Which is why Wildstorm’s tribute to the icons of horror (there’s also a Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street collection hitting the racks) is so refreshing. Friday the 13th, the comic book, slots in nicely with the rest of the Jason Voorhees/Camp Crystal Lake mythos, the gore now played out in gorgeous full colour still panels. While its pace and characterisation is lifted almost directly from the infamous movies, there’s still plenty of tension and the odd shock. It’s not going to change the world but for fans this is a tasty little stop gap before the inevitable next instalment in the long running series.

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