Also Published - 5 US Crime Dramas

Otto Penzler (ed) Dead Man’s Hand A collection of newly written poker-based tales from crime writers such as Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connelly and Walter Mosley. Quercus.

James Lee Burke The Tin Roof Blowdown A cache of stolen diamonds has floated to the surface after Hurricane Katrina subsides, with Dave Robicheaux investigating a crew of motley felons. Orion.

Jonathan Nasaw When She Was Bad FBI Agent Pender comes up against Ulysses Maxwell, a psychopath with a multiple personality disorder. Simon & Schuster.

Karen Robards Obsession A woman is suffering from amnesia after burglars shot her best friend but needs to get it together long enough to escape the violent foes who are coming back for her. Hodder & Stoughton.

David Baldacci Stone Cold Characters Oliver Stone and Jerry Bagger return as a casino king tries to hunt down the crook who ripped him off to the tune of many millions. Macmillan.

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