Alistair Findlay (ED) - 100 Favourite Scottish Football Poems (4 stars)

Alistair Findlay (ED) - 100 Favourite Scottish Football Poems

100 Favourite Scottish Football Poems (Luath)


When it comes to transferring the beautiful game into the arts sphere, all we can see is a litany of own goals. Can you remember a half-decent football film? No, Escape to Victory doesn’t count and even Wim Wenders’ Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty is more about postwar West German angst than a goalie doing the wobbly leg thing to put off the striker. Contemporary dance did successfully dabble with the unforgettable Archie Gemmill goal in The Nutmeg Suite but perhaps verse is the ideal field for football’s dreams to be realised. It certainly works wonders on the pages of this effort collected up by Alistair Findlay, who was on Hibs’ books in the 60s.

Everything is tackled here from the madness (casuals, Argentina ‘78) and sadness (the death of Jock Stein and the Ibrox Disaster) to Scottish legends such as Denis Law and Jimmy Johnstone. And any collection that can huddle together Jackie Kay, William McIlvanney and Ron Butlin is a certain winner.

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