Robin Ramsay - Who Shot JFK? (3 stars)

Robin Ramsay - Who Shot JFK?

Who Shot JFK? (Pocket Essentials)


Early on in this pacy dissection of the current state of the JFK assassination industry, Robin Ramsay asks why we should still be bothered about the slaying of an American president in downtown Dallas back in 1963. While admitting that at times he himself has moments when he doubts its political and historical significance, Ramsay notes that this was the moment when the conspiracy theory business really came into being when a man who could have changed the course of history was gunned down.

Feeling a little rush released to meet the 22 November deadline, some errors get through (such as describing the killings of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King as the ‘three major assassinations of the 1970s’); ironic considering the book demands that any theory should be scientifically accurate when laying out its evidence. As compelling as the theories continue to be (is there anyone alive who still believes Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman?), this feels surpassed by other equally sinister state cover-ups.

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