Chi Weapon - review (3 stars)

Chi Weapon

The Beat Club, Glasgow, Wed 7 Nov

For every band breaking new territory by moving too fast to be pigeon-holed, there are plenty more who are spreading themselves too thinly. Chi Weapon, originally from Bute but now Glasgow-based, live up to their promise of genre-hopping, and have plenty of potential, but don’t quite cover what they call ‘unchartered musical ground’.

Starting out with some enjoyably angular punk rock, reggae rears its head before the end of the first song, and there’s enough bass at one point to make them sound like Jamiroquai. And that ain’t a compliment! What’s more, when you write songs about ‘fingers and thumbs’ and the death of your dog, irony won’t mitigate the fact that you’re veering towards the realm of the novelty act. There is plenty to be cheerful about though, with the band sounding pretty damn tight throughout, and Mike B clearly a born frontman, having already projected an aura of fearless self-confidence even when standing in the crowd watching the support band, and politely thanking the crowd ‘for coming out on a wet Wednesday night’. (Emma Newlands)

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