Beauty School Cop Outs stars come to blows

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  • 10 December 2013
Beauty School Copouts

Beauty School Cop Outs stars

'Beauty School Cop Outs' stars Richard and Jeremy come to blows over Scarlett on tonight's (10.12.13) episode

'Beauty School Cop Outs' stars Richard and Jeremy come to blows on tonight's (10.12.13) episode.

The pair end up fighting after Scarlett, who has been seeing Richard, tries to make the hunk jealous by flirting with Irish star Jeremy - but her intentions end in the two friends grappling on the floor over her affections.

Scarlett says: "I'm doing my all with Jeremy to get Richard's attention and he doesn't seem to give a s**t. My nipple is in Jeremy's face and Richard doesn't even bat an eye lid."

Richard adds: "I'm f**king tamping, they're over there flirting and I'm going to crack at any minute like. I can't take it anymore, Scarlett and Jeremy flirting."

Following the fight, Jeremy says: "We grabbed each other, we're wrestling each other to the floor, it was a bit of a bitchy fight. I'm an Irish lad, I drink, fight and have sex."

Despite trying to wind Richard up, Scarlett later admits to being surprised the pair ending up fighting over her.

She says: "It was only flirting, it should not have led to this. I only did it so he would pay me some attention."

'Beauty School Cop Outs' airs tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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