Correcto & The Gummy Stumps - review (4 stars)


Stereo, Glasgow, Tue 13 Nov

Shiny new things galore at this gig: two (very different) Glasgow bands, both fresh out of the can, play in a venue so virginal it still resembles a building site in places.

Post-punk noise-mongers The Gummy Stumps’ menacing Lightning-Bolt-meets-The-Fall sound rarely boils over into the kind of outright anarchy it perhaps ought to, although with Park Attack’s Rob Churm on crudely modified guitar – one of the most twisted six- (or in his case three-) stringers around – they’re still a pretty compelling prospect. Plus their drummer has a massive beard, which is always a bonus.

Domino Records ‘supergroup’ Correcto (featuring Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thompson on drums and The Royal We’s Patrick Doyle on bass) are a much more straight-up, scuzz-rock orientated affair in the Buzzcocks/ Kinks/Ramones guise – ‘all the good stuff’ as carrot topped frontman and songwriter Danny Saunders puts it. They’re still rough around the edges, but debut single ‘Joni’ – essentially one big chorus from start to finish – has to be about one of the most gut-punchingly arresting songs of the moment. (Malcolm Jack)

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