Hot 100 2013: The Not 100 - Five Scots who made all the wrong moves in 2013

Hot 100 2013: The Not 100 - Five Scots who made all the wrong moves in 2013

Gerard Butler

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2013, you'll find them here.

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David Dinsmore

The new editor of The Sun doggedly defended the practice of objectifying women in the nation’s biggest-selling newspaper. Well done him.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is hardly Oscar material, but 2013 was a poor year even by his standards. Movie 43 wasn’t entirely his fault, admittedly, but with producing credits on the sub-par Chasing Mavericks, Olympus Has Fallen and Playing for Keeps, he only really has himself to blame.

Tam Cowan

Radio Scotland’s Off the Ball presenter was temporarily dumped from the show following a Daily Record column in which he wrote, ‘Fir Park should have been torched on Thursday in order to cleanse the stadium after it played host to women’s football.’ Thankfully, Cowan was the only one who got burnt.

Glasgow City Council

In a way, GCC should be credited with only threatening to mess up spectacularly, before doing some well-paced backtracking. In June they dumped the unpopular proposal to renovate George Square, while in November they nimbly backed down from spending £65,000 to prevent cones being placed on the Duke of Wellington’s head. Or his statue’s head, anyway.

Scottish uni societies

The resurgence of feminism in 2013 showed up some mortifying instances of sexism in our educational establishments, from accusations of misogynist heckling in Glasgow’s University Union in March, to sexist chants from Stirling Uni’s hockey team in November. Still, at least the universities of Edinburgh and West of Scotland banned that Robin Thicke song, right?

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