Brady Cole - review (3 stars)

Brady Cole

SECC, Glasgow, Fri 9 Nov

If you want to make Dave Grohl a happy man, listen to Brady Cole. Inexplicably, the Foo Fighters’ shouter-in-chief has heard tell of the Kinghorn quartet, and seems to be on a one-man crusade to make them famous. This was their second support slot with the Foos in the last couple of years, and they’ve also opened for Grohl’s buddies Eagles of Death Metal.

It turns out Grohl has good (if predictable) taste, because Brady Cole are a fun band, playing balls-out, straight-down-the-line rock, with lead singer Steve Calvert’s impressive voice perching somewhere between Steve Tyler and John Fogarty on the yell-ometer. Tracks like ‘Remember Your Manners’ and ‘Reclaim Your Youth’ unashamedly ape early Aerosmith, AC/DC and Kiss, but the odd nod to Oasis reminds us of their roots.

Also, refreshingly, you aren’t likely to see a less affected stage manner. Reminding the crowd that they were supporting the Foos at the O2 Arena in London eight days later, right after the Scotland-Italy game, Calvert sniffs that it should be ‘an interesting gig’. It’s a gift for understatement that doesn’t extend to the music. (David Pollock)

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