Luva Anna - review (3 stars)

Luva Anna

Barfly, Glasgow, Fri 9 Nov
Dundee may currently be famous musically for giving the world The View, but other than a similar capability for whipping the audience into a frenzy, it’s clear from their opening, perfectly harmonised sea shanty that Luva Anna are a unique proposition altogether.

Covering a musical spectrum that’s as big as their hair (ie fairly big), by the third song, it’s King Creosote-meets-Pogues, and ‘Coma Girl’ is introduced with the explanation that ‘This song’s about making love to a woman in a coma and you’re not sure if she’s going to get out’. And they say romance is dead, eh?

Things then take a surprisingly Fratelli-esque turn after which the audience is treated to falsetto vocals that hit Jeff Buckley highs, followed by the obligatory brief nod to reggae, before their set climaxes in forcefully physical fashion. The fact that they’ve gained a name for themselves through the festival circuit makes perfect sense. After all, who can resist a folk-rock hybrid that you can dance to? Even if a few more of the spine-tingling opening harmonies throughout would have been warmly welcomed. (Emma Newlands)

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