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Band names don’t come much more angular than Isosceles, but math rockers this Glasgow quartet certainly aren’t. You’ll much sooner find them slaving over a hot cowbell or a full blooded Hammond organ than you will a set square when crafting their lovably quirky, hip shaking retro pop numbers – the same ones that got Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos so excited that he hand-picked the band to support them on their Scottish tour

Tell us, singer and guitarist Jack Valentine, how did that go?

It was just incredible fun and they’re such nice guys. It was amazing going out to all these places way out on the west coast where people are just so excited to see them. And because those fans were so into Franz Ferdinand, they were really keen to see the band they’d brought along to support. They were incredible gigs to play: so busy, like, packed out, people queuing from three in the afternoon. Total mania.

Hammond organs: you don’t see enough of them these days do you?

I think because they’re such a pain in the arse to carry around. Franz Ferdinand have a couple of tunes with a Hammond organ in them, and even they used a synthesised sound. What the hell are we doing it for? Just because we just love those old bits of kit.

What about the cow bell though? They’re a bit ‘new rave’ these days, aren’t they?

We play it with a lot more gusto. Plus, we’ve got two cowbells as well, so we like to feel we’ve got the edge on everybody else. (Malcolm Jack)

Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 29 Nov; Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sun 9 Dec; King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 13 Dec.

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