George Lamb wants interior design show

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  • 9 December 2013
George Lamb

Style guru George Lamb has teamed up with Hygena to create an essential guide for the modern man looking to buy/rent his first proper home.

TV presenter George Lamb is keen to host his own interior design show, but he doesn't want it to simply be another 'Changing Rooms'-type programme

George Lamb wants to host his own interior design show.

The TV presenter has developed a penchant for the industry after working with fitted kitten company Hygena on an essential guide for modern men looking to rent/but their first home, and he believes there is a gap in the market for such a show hosted by someone who has an interest on the subject rather than being an expert.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've spoken to someone at Channel 4 about doing something in the interior design kind of realm. I've always been more associated with fashion stuff because I'm involved with a fashion label and I spend far too much money on clothes.

"It's definitely a conversation I'd like to have at some point. It's difficult though because I by no means class myself as an expert.

"It's trying to find a vehicle where you could be someone who has got a keen interest and a good eye, rather than being an expert.

"It doesn't necessarily make it that easy, but it would be another string to the bow, definitely. Why not?"

But the 33-year-old star admits he doesn't want to just host another 'Changing Rooms'-style show and believes a more successful programme nowadays would be something which is beneficial for first-time buyers by giving information about a certain area's pros and cons.

He added: "I feel there's been a massive spate of programmes talking about how to knock your living room into your dining room, how to put up a partition wall and how to make your kitchen open plan. I feel like that kind of generation of programmes is done now.

"The way the housing market is it lends itself a little bit more to a programme about people getting on the ladder and making something nice and enjoying it and finding out what it's like to live in the area.

"I think there's probably some legs in there somewhere for something like that and I'd definitely be open to it."

Style guru George has teamed up with Hygena to create an essential guide for the modern man looking to buy/rent his first proper home.

The guide has been developed as new research reveals that mistrust in estate agents is driving house-hunters to Twitter, Facebook and friends for advice on new areas to explore when moving house. The Guide is available to view at

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