Rough Copy enjoyed boozy night out after X Factor exit

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 December 2013
Rough Copy

Rough Copy

Rough Copy treated themselves to an alcohol-filled night out on free booze after getting booted off 'The X Factor' last night (08.12.13) at the semi-final stage

Rough Copy drowned their sorrows in free alcohol after getting voted off 'The X Factor' last night (08.12.13).

The trio - Sterling Ramsey, 25, Joey James, 27 and Kazeem Ajobe, 24 - insist they tried to remain focused during their time on the show but lead singer Sterling claims it was hard to resist the beverages on offer after losing a place in the final to Luke Friend and admits they had a few well "deserved" drinks to commiserate.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Never mix! last night I mixed a couple of drinks you know, and I'm 25 I know how to handle the booze, but I keep making the same mistake when you go out and people are giving you this and that. But I deserved it, I never go out on a Saturday or anything like that after the show."

Despite attending several lavish celebrity parties during their time on the ITV show, Rough Copy insist they worked hard and refused to go out until the early hours during the week unlike some of their predecessors last year.

Kazeem said: "At the end of the day it's a competition, so what do you do? Do you go out every night and get smashed? It's the class of 2013, we're smart!

"Everyone was focused this year, everyone was hungry this year. We all knew what the prize was, we all wanted to be ready to go out on the stage on Saturday and leave their heart on the stage."

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