5 reasons to attend James Morton's Stollen Christmas

5 reasons to attend James Morton's Stollen Christmas

Photo: Andy Sewell

The Great British Bake-Off champ is hosting a baking masterclass this Christmas

1. He’s ‘The One That Bakes’.
So his website tells us. Which, given it was The Great British Bake Off that brought him to national attention, doesn’t exactly set him apart from his peers. But hold on …

2. He knows a lot about bread.
He sure does, and that’s what got him to the final of Bake Off in 2012. Despite the title, bread’s what this seasonal cookery show will mainly be about, as Morton (son of the broadcaster Tom) and his assistant get in about the loaves and the seasonal sourdough with a bit of particularly festive spirit.

3. He’ll teach you all about multitasking.
Originally from Shetland, Morton’s a student of medicine at Glasgow University, and was when he was doing Bake Off too. Clearly a man who knows how to make time to get it right in the kitchen, which is what we want him to teach everyone in the audience here. Right?

4. He’ll give you good ideas for Christmas.
Namely his debut cookery book Brilliant Bread, which was released earlier this year and will no doubt be available on a trestle table by the door. Take your purse and/or wallet if you want to support your local baker.

5. He’ll give you good ideas, full stop.
All your bread questions answered, we’re assured, with the bold and authoritative manner that the 22-year-old food writer and broadcaster is fast developing.

James Morton’s Stollen Christmas is at Òran Mór, Glasgow, Sun 15 Dec.

James Morton's Stollen Christmas!

Don't know your sourdough from your stollen? James is around to show you the way, a year after winning The Great British Bake-Off.

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