McBusted set to release new album?

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  • 8 December 2013
McBusted at press conference


McBusted are reportedly close to signing a big-money record deal to record an album together, although work on the supergroup's record would put McFly's own upcoming release on hold

McBusted are set to sign a huge deal to release an album.

The pop-rock supergroup - made up of McFly and Busted - are considering starting work on new material together, which would put the release of the 'Shine A Light' hitmaker's upcoming record on hold.

An insider revealed: "Originally the plan was for McFly to release their new album before the McBusted tour.

"But the reaction to the supergroup has been so overwhelming it makes sense for the boys to focus on that."

Singer and guitarist Danny Jones also confirmed the supergroup would be writing together soon - although he insisted they would only release it if the new tracks were "incredible".

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "We're going to be writing a lot - we've written with each other in the past so we're excited to see what comes out.

"But it needs to be incredible for us to do an album, so we'll see how it goes from there."

The six musicians - completed by Busted members Matt Willis and James Bourne and McFly's Dougie Poyner, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd - also need to consider the fact Tom's wife Giovanna is pregnant, and her due date almost clashes with the beginning of their tour.

The father-to-be said: "It can't even contemplate the possibility of that happening.

"There's literally a few dates between her due date and the start of the tour. But I have to be there for the birth, no matter what."


Fans of early-noughties fresh-faced pop punk – hold onto your hats. Busted and McFly are only merging together to create probably the most inoffensive supergroup ever.

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