MJ Delaney lucky to work with Sheridan Smith

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  • 6 December 2013
Sheridan Smith at the London Film Festival

Sheridan Smith

MJ Delaney has admitted she felt lucky to cast Sheridan Smith in 'Powder Room' because she settled her concerns about the main character

MJ Delaney felt lucky to work with Sheridan Smith on 'Powder Room'.

The woman behind viral video 'Newport State of Mind' made her film debut with the comedy - which is set in the ladies toilets of a nightclub - and says the 'Mrs. Biggs' actress was the perfect choice for main character, Sam, who she worried people wouldn't be able to relate to.

Delaney told FemaleFirst: "The second we knew we had Sheridan, all of those concerns just disappeared as she has this likeability and vulnerability about her.

"She really does create a connection with an audience like no one else at the moment. We were incredibly luck to get her."

27-year-old Delaney also praised 'Kidulthood' actress Jaime Winstone for taking on a role that she had reservations about.

She said: "I think Jaime was fairly nervous about being associated with a character like Chanel ... at the beginning of the film she seems like the least likely candidate to be the moral compass by the end of the film."

Smith and Winstone were joined in the film by singer-songwriter Kate Nash and 'Game of Thrones' star Oona Chaplin and the diector says their ideas brought the film to life.

She said: "Unfortunately, because we were on a low budget and such a tight schedule, we didn't have as much time as I would have liked for trying out improvisation.

"Sheridan, Jamie and Oona, in particular, would always come to set with lots of ideas. So many of the out and out laughs in the film came from them bringing those ideas to the set."

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