Rebecca Ferguson sick before X Factor performance

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  • 6 December 2013
Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson was sick before her 'X Factor' performance because she was so nervous about taking to the stage since coming runner-up on the programme in 2010

Rebecca Ferguson was sick before her 'X Factor' performance.

The 'Nothing's Real But Love' hitmaker - who was runner-up on the ITV show in 2010 - returned to the signing competition last Sunday (01.12.13) to perform her new song 'I Hope', but she admits she was so nervous before taking to the stage that she vomited.

Speaking at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2013 presented by Vauxhall Adam, Rebecca told BANG Showbiz: "It was nerve-wracking. It was like '8 Mile' [American drama starring Eminem]. I was being sick and was panicking. Next thing I know, I'm on stage with the mic and I actually felt the judges were gonna rate me after it. It probably brings back a lot of memories form the show. I met Sharon [Osbourne] afterwards and she was lovely.

The brunette beauty would quite like to see 'X Factor' favourite Sam Bailey or 18-year-old Devonshire lad Luke Friend crowned the winner of 2013, but she admits sometimes it's better to be the runner-up because you have longer to perfect your album.

She explained: "Sam bailey and I quite like Luke. He's really lovely when he gets on his guitar.

"I think you get more time to write your album if you don't win the show, its more relaxed if you're the runner up."

Rebecca Ferguson

Big ballads and coffee table soul from the Scouse finalist of the 2010 X Factor. Her new album Lady Sings the Blues is a reinterpretation of the best of Billie Holiday's classic songs.

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