AniMotion fuses Evelyn Glennie percussion with live painting from Russian artist Maria Rud

AniMotion fuses Evelyn Glennie percussion with live painting from Russian artist Maria Rud

Event features large-scale projections and music from Debussy and Gavin Bryars

Doyenne of percussionists Evelyn Glennie beats out a panoply of driving rhythms on side drum while Russian artist Maria Rud paints a vivid golden cockerel in real time beside her. It’s projected on to a large screen, and everyone in the audience is enthralled as it takes on shape and colour. Or Glennie might be playing the rippling-toned marimba with Rud making bold strokes in oils to create a landscape, or maybe an animal or houses. In a unique collaboration of art, music and digital technology, AniMotion is a concept that started as an experiment, but has captured people’s imaginations, particularly through the performance that took place at the National Museum of Scotland back in April. Rud now returns to Edinburgh with Glennie and projection artist Ross Ashton, but this time to St Giles’ Cathedral.

In a world-premiere performance, Rud will paint live to music across an impressive range of styles from Debussy to David Heath and Dolphin Boy, Gavin Bryars and Glennie herself. Uniting music and painting through a video screen is, of necessity, improvisatory. ‘You can never repeat the same thing twice,’ says Rud. ‘There is always an element of improvisation and each time it is fresh and new.’ In St Giles’, the enlarged images of her artworks will be projected on to the interior of the cathedral using the latest video-mapping technology. Rud is thrilled with this most recent development. ‘My first performance in St Giles’ involved a single projector and a screen for images that were painted to a recital by vocal ensemble Canty. Since then, the whole process has evolved significantly so that I can use the building itself as a blank canvas to highlight the architecture.’ Look out for next stops in her sights – King’s College, Cambridge, Sydney Opera House and Edinburgh Castle.

St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, Sat 14 Dec

The AniMotion Show

Scottish percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie and Russian visual artist Maria Rud collaborate in an evening of live art and live music.