TYCI Christmas Party features Chvrches live set

TYCI Christmas Party features Chvrches live set

Photo: Elliott Lee Hazel

Female-fronted organisation hold festive bash at SWG3

As with her other regular project, Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry has seen her TYCI organisation grow rapidly since its founding as a blog in October 2012 and a live event the month after. Starting out as a one-woman show, it’s now run by a core team of 15, with others contributing where necessary. ‘What began as a website hoping to run features on female artists and musicians has now grown into a proper multi-platform group,’ she notes, ‘with ’zines, live events, radio shows and podcasts.’

Mayberry doesn’t state that its mission is overtly political or feminist, but its name gives a good idea where it’s coming from. ‘TYCI stands for Tuck Your Cunt In,’ she says. ‘If you look it up on Urban Dictionary, the phrase means something akin to the female equivalent of ‘man up’. Although I wouldn’t define TYCI as a political organisation per se, there’s naturally something political about subverting norms in any way. But our hope is that we can showcase the amount of great art being done by women and create a space for people to meet like-minded folks and to share things.’
Although it’s regularly held at the much smaller Bloc, this month’s large-scale TYCI Christmas Party will decamp temporarily to SWG3 (a venue switch from the postponed new Art School union), with Chvrches themselves playing live alongside DJs Pretty Ugly and Adele Bethel, formerly of Sons and Daughters. This month’s supported charity, following on from Rape Crisis, Shelter, Scottish Women’s Aid and others, is the A-T Society, an organisation that supports the sufferers of a rare genetic disorder and their families.

There’s no question this is an event that is capturing a welcome zeitgeist in the music industry, and Mayberry herself has publicly challenged sexist attitudes that lie somewhere between the lazy and the dangerous. ‘Our first hope with TYCI is that it’s not seen as something that excludes people,’ she says. ‘Our events are open to anyone who supports our ethos, which is the promotion of equality and raising of awareness through positive things like music, art and literature.’

SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 21 Dec


A club and live event from TYCI, a Glasgow collective run for women by women.