Rough Copy want Boys II Men success

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 December 2013
Rough Copy

Rough Copy

'X Factor' hopefuls Rough Copy hope they can go on to be as successful as their heroes Boys II Men

Rough Copy think they can be as successful as Boys II Men.

The 'X Factor' trio love it when they are compared with the US group and hope they enjoy as big a career after the show as the 'I'll Make Love To You' hitmakers have.

Band member Sterling Ramsey said: "I think we could be as big as Boys II Men, or take it even further. People compare us to Boys II Men and that's the best compliment we could ask for. They were the biggest group in the world."

The trio - who are known for their unusual sense of style - would love to expand their "brand" to include a clothing line and more television programmes.

Sterling said: "If people like the image, they might be, 'Ah yeah, their image is really good - what are they about?' Then they hear us and go, 'Ah, do you know what...'

"And that's the whole point of us being a brand. I hope that makes us even more successful, because we can always go into different ventures like fashion, TV, music..."

Kazeem Ajobe added to heat magazine: "There's three of us and we're individual - when you go into that lane [fashion designing], you have professionals in your team to help deliver the goods."

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