Pharrell Williams defends Miley

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  • 4 December 2013
Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams has defended Miley Cyrus' transformation and praised her music after working with her

Pharrell Williams has defended Miley Cyrus' transformation.

The 'Get Lucky' hitmaker, who worked with the former Disney star on her new album 'Bangerz', has praised the 21-year-old's music and new controversial look.

He told Complex magazine: "It's tough to be that age, and to have to make all those decisions yourself.

"And it's the people you're surrounded by, too. I'm not worried about Miley. I've seen her soul in action.

"I know her voice, her voice is crazy. I keep saying it to everybody: You gotta remember, she's [21] years old and enjoying her life. She's enjoying her freedom."

Miley hit the headlines after her raunchy performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards but Pharrell thinks people should also focus on her talent.

The 40-year-old singer continued: "When you see her, when you read her words and you listen to her musical choices, and you look at what she's wearing - I'm not talking about when she goes on stage, I'm talking about her everyday dressing - she shuts it the f**k down."

Pharrell also spoke about his own music and revealed he's working on a new solo album - his first since 'In My Mind' released in 2006.

He said: "Something's coming up. No rapping. It's focused. That's the difference between 30 and 40. 'Cause I was 30, now I'm 40 - and I'm not rapping."

Miley Cyrus

The latest Disney child star to reject their wholesome image and begin the road to rehab, Cyrus tours her latest album Bangerz. Probably whilst twerking.

Pharrell Williams

The highly successful producer and collaborator strikes out on his own, blending hip hop, R&B and pop sounds.

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