Ed Sheeran sought Taylor Swift's approval for his new tracks

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  • 4 December 2013
Taylor and Ed on tour

Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran has admitted he seeks Taylor Swift's advice every time he writes a new song

Ed Sheeran asks for Taylor Swift's opinion on every song he writes.

The 22 year-old singer-songwriter - who will be releasing his second studio album next year - has admitted he gave the Grammy Award-winner final approval on his new tracks.

In an interview with MTV, the musician said: "Whenever I finished a song, I'd send it to her to get her opinion.

"She's heard all the songs and she's a good judge of what's good or not good."

The 'A Team' singer - who grew close to Taylor after supporting her 2013 tour 'Red' - is grateful for her hand in his new album's "energetic recording process" and believes she knows how to spot a sure fire hit.

Her advice has already paid off for the Brit-award winning singer as his latest track 'I See Fire' - written for Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' - is rumoured to be in the running for a 'Best Original Song' nomination at next year's Oscars.

In preparation for the nomination announcement on the January 16 next year, Ed has decided to put all his energy into promoting the soundtrack and will focus on the release of his follow up to his debut '+' next year.

He said: "I'm basically going to be promoting this song up until awards season, and then as soon as awards season is done, the next album begins."

Taylor Swift

The country starlet takes her incredibly catchy songs of love and loss on her 1989 tour in support of album of the same name.

Ed Sheeran

Folky rapping singer-songwriter on the block, mooning over girls and stuff, such as on the big hit 'The A-Team'.

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