Matt Smith's life changed with Doctor Who

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  • 4 December 2013
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith admits 'Doctor Who' has completely changed his life, but he has loved all his time on the show

Matt Smith says 'Doctor Who' has been life-changing.

The actor is preparing to bow out from his role as the titular Time Lord in the BBC One show after the Christmas special, and will be eternally grateful to the sci-fi programme for making him a household name.

He told Radio Times magazine: "Everything changed. It's all consuming - and that affects the rhythm of your life. Now, however, it's settling down a little.

"I think if I was going to choose to spend a couple of years in anyone's body, why not live it as the Doctor? He's going to have more fun than always anyone else alive."

The 31-year-old star is set to be replaced by 'The Thick Of It' actor Peter Capaldi, and Matt found filming the highly-anticipated Christmas episode an emotional experience.

He teased: "It was a great shoot - a sad one for me, but I think it'll be a fitting send-off and a fitting introduction for Peter."

As the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor, head writer Steven Moffat thinks Matt has given a much-needed "cool" factor to the time-travelling Gallifreyan.

Steven joked: "Matt is a youthful envelope but he has an old soul. In real life Matt is very cool. The Doctor would like to think he's cool, but he isn't.

"The Doctor probably thinks he can hang out with Matt and go to the same clubs, but I don't think Matt would have him along on a night out."

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