Hirst original up as £1 raffle prize

  • List.co.uk
  • 15 November 2007

A sketch by Damien Hirst is being offered as the prize of a £1 raffle to raise money for Heart Research UK.

The picture, which has also been signed by the artist, covers a catalogue of his work.

It went on display at Leeds City Art Gallery yesterday.

Dr Jeffrey Sherwin, who organised the raffle, said Sotheby’s had offered to sell it at auction, but it didn’t seem fitting.

‘Why should always the well-heeled have the opportunity of buying something special?’ he said.

Heart Research UK is based in the city and currently funds more than £2.5 million of research projects at 33 hospitals and universities across the country.

Hirst, who this year sold a diamond-encrusted skull for £50 million, studied at Leeds College of Art.

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