Beauty School Cop Out Scarlett get 'posh' intimate makeover

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  • 3 December 2013
Scarlett gets a vajazzle

Scarlett gets a vajazzle

'Beauty School Cop Outs' star Scarlett gets a vajazzle in tonight's (03.12.13) show in a bid to prove to Richard that she can be "posh"

'Beauty School Cop Outs' Scarlett gets a vajazzle tonight (03.12.13) to prove she can be "posh".

The 22-year-old blonde decides to prove to Richard that she is a "proper classy bird" by cooking a meal and having crystals applied to an intimate part of her body by fellow beauty student Savannah.

She says: "I really want to get Richard back. He thinks I'm a trash bag and what better way to prove to him that I can be a proper classy bird than to cook a dead posh meal...

"Everybody knows that posh people get jewels on their lady bits - it's common knowledge. So, not only will Richard get to feast on a posh meal, he'll also get to see how classy this bird can be."

However, Scarlett - who first tries the technique on Savannah - admits she is unsure about letting her pal loose on her "lady bits".

She said: "I'm not doing this without a dummy run and I've got my very own dummy here - Savannah.

Scarlett: What am I doing letting Savannah near my lady bits with scissors? This is a high price to be posh!"

And it looks as though her planned dinner may not go according to plan if Jeremy has anything to do with it.

He says: "I know for sure that Scarlett's only doing this to get back into Richard's good books. We'll see about that. Scarlett's had Richard to herself for days now and I just want my best mate back. I wondered how she's going to react when he misses dinner and stays out late?"

And Scarlett could face another problem - she's hopeless in the kitchen.

She admits: "You know what they say - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But I've forgotten that I can't cook."

'Beauty School Cop Outs' airs tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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