Ten Tracks 5th birthday party - Verden Studios, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Nov 2013 (3 stars)

Ten Tracks 5th birthday party - Verden Studios, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Nov 2013

And The Moose Came In Second

Numbers are Futile, The Blue Ship, Birdhead and more join in the new music platform's birthday celebrations

When local music aficionados Ten Tracks planned their fifth birthday party the premise was simple: an obligatory ten band bill, recording studio rooms to put them in and a good dose of craft beer. On the night the cosy gathering at Portobello’s Verden Studios had the feel of an oversized house party – sofas, plastic cups and a crowd of predominately friends.

The experimental bill of under-the-radar local acts made for diverse musical fodder, garnering pace and pedigree as the night rolled on. Starters included tentative psych-folk quartet The Forgotten Works, a vintage-styled outfit distributing bells and shakers to their teeny audience for a well-strung melody about horses. A droning set from indifferent looking indie rockers The Tide Inside preceded Lipsync for a Lullaby’s stripped back outing as a duo, classically-influenced quivering string pieces feeling slightly bereft without the backing of a full band.

Rambunctious trio And The Moose Came In Second made for a welcome discovery, up-tempo and soulful guitar melodies plus intensely good drumming drawn under cynical Scottish spoken lyrics. Capricious singer Jo Jackson fronted Royal Edinburgh Music’s set, her raw and intense caterwauling supported by a band featuring Neil Pennycook of Meursault fame, both packed with grit, rhythm and punch. A transitional between room flux led to a ‘taps aff’ set from rock trio Your Loyal Subjects, their ear-catching music fusing deep bass, purring riffs and a growling vocal. Edinburgh two-piece Birdhead’s raucous set glimmered with promise, electro samples, drums and guitar synergising with a flickering backdrop of urban scenes.

Theatrical storytellers The Blue Ship were also a refreshing find, vigorous frontman enunciating morbid lyrics in a summoning vocal, his thumped piano keys mingling with accordion and trumpet. Last in line were atmospheric duo Numbers Are Futile, synths, keys and pummelling drums, coloured by rotating images, rounding off a great night off in a suitably buoyant vein.

Ten Tracks Fifth Birthday: Get Out of Town

The 'online music platform' mark their fifth birthday with a big ten band, two room celebration of the Scottish indie scene. Numbers are Futile, Birdhead, Your Loyal Subjects, And The Moose Came In Second and The Tide Inside play the 'Loud Room'. The Blue Ship, Pineapple Chunks, Royal Edinburgh Music, Lipsync for a…

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