Danny Dyer slams 'safe' EastEnders

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 November 2013
Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright

Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright and Mick and Linda Carter

Danny Dyer has called on 'EastEnders' bosses to make the BBC One show more "controversial", insisting it has become too "safe"

Danny Dyer has slammed 'EastEnders' for being too "safe".

The 36-year-old actor has joined the BBC soap as new Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter - whose wife Linda Carter will be played by Kellie Bright - and thinks the programme needs to be more "controversial" to get people interested.

He said: "It had become a little bit safe. 'EastEnders' shouldn't be doing safe. It should be controversial, depressing sad, ... Their tagline was, 'Everyone's talking about it', but no f***er was.

"It's a great show and when it's at its best, there's no better soap."

Danny admits joining the show has been a "risk", but he thinks it is important in his profession not to play it safe.

He added to heat magazine: "'EastEnders' is a risk as it could work or it couldn't work, but I'm really embracing it.

"As much as a lot of people were excited about me going to 'EastEnders', there's a lot of people who want to see me fail. But then acting is about taking risks."

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