Eric Smith - The Geek's Guide to Dating (4 stars)

The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

Smith's infectious enthusiasm and genuine geekiness make for charming and excellent advice


Whether scripting first date scenarios in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel or picking through Viking action movie The 13th Warrior for lessons in developing social skills, The Geek's Guide to Dating is never less than inventive in its use of pop culture.

Crucially, it never feels like a phoney, these-people-won't-understand-without-a-Star-Trek-analogy kind of approach. Writer Eric Smith is clearly as much of a geek as his target audience, and his enthusiasm is infectious. More importantly, his advice is excellent and will prove essential for anyone whose social interaction skills need a brush-up.

As well as providing the reader with a concise walkthrough of the conventional aspects of dating, the 'geek' angle allows him to explore the lesser-trodden areas, including the dos and don'ts of meeting people through online multiplayer games and the more unusual venues in which to spend time together such as gaming picnics and hackerspaces.

Dating self-help guides are ten-a-penny, but if you prefer yours with charm, insight, references to The Silmarillion and 8-bit illustrations, this is the one to go for.

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