Interview: Wolf Music's Medlar gets ready for Gasoline Dance Machine's Hogmanay Party

Interview: Wolf Music's Medlar gets ready for Gasoline Dance Machine's Hogmanay Party


The house producer (also known as Klic) will be DJing alongside labelmate KRL

New Year’s Eve is officially the biggest night in the clubbing calendar. With so many nights to choose from, there’s no reason to get distracted by cheesy charty parties or hands-in-the-air EDM bangers. Gasoline Dance Machine, like so many of the best clubs in Scotland, has decided to focus on the music as the perfect recipe for a perfect Hogmanay.

Resident DJ Cheap Picasso has invited Medlar and KRL, two of the in-house producers at Wolf Music, to Edinburgh to help usher in 2014. ‘All of the releases can be described as house music, but they cover a very broad representation of the whole scene. I feel lucky to release on a label that isn’t tied to any one thing, and also keeps the quality levels high,’ explains Medlar (aka Ned Pegler) of his connection with the lupine record label.

Medlar’s productions are deep cuts of electronica that focus on house but always acknowledge dance music’s roots. ‘Very much influenced by the disco and Detroit electronic scenes,’ adds Medlar, who also releases even funkier cuts under his Klic alias via his own Hit and Hope label. Though his DJ sets have been known to meander through techno, hip hop and UK garage, alongside KRL’s glitchier, sample-based rhythms it should add up to an intelligent, eclectic take on classic house that never ignores the needs of the dancefloor. And Medlar is itching to get behind the decks when he joins GDM for Hogmanay: ‘Can’t wait! Gonna party like its 1999999.’

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Tue 31 Dec.

Gasoline Tweak_Machine Hogmanay

Disco, house and techno to see in the New Year.

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