Baths – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Mon 25 Nov 2013 (4 stars)

Baths – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Mon 25 Nov 2013

Emotional electronica from Will Wiesenfeld and Azeda Booth’s Morgan Greenwood

With his white sneakers, grey vest and exceedingly short shorts (not to mention those perspex safety specs), Will Wiesenfeld looks like he’s more prepared for a high school gym class than a late gig at Sneaky’s. His attire proves well-chosen though, as he (accompanied by sometime Azeda Booth founder Morgan Greenwood, filling out Baths’ live line-up) proceeds to sweat his very heart out over the next hour or so, delivering a combination of dreamy, ambient melodies, subtly propulsive beats and a falsetto to die for.

The set, while powerfully emotive in the main (especially closer ‘No Eyes’, with its desperate howl of ‘Come and fuck me!’), is not overwhelmingly so – Wiesenfeld and Greenwood have an easy camaraderie and shrug off any temporary technical difficulties (which are numerous, but never catastrophic). The pair also experiment with sounds to the left of their chosen field – the gig ends in a discordant mesh of Aphex Twin-style beatfuckery, while a mid-set breakbeat-style interlude leaves much of the audience bewildered (a reaction that leads Wiesenfeld to giggle, ‘That was very fun... for us’). It’s the songs on the dancier end of the spectrum that the crowd respond to with most enthusiasm, with uptempo ‘Phaedra’ generating a particularly bouncy breed of energy that mirrors Wiesenfeld’s own.

Lovely Bloodflow


Electro/acoustic experimentation from LA musician Will Wiesenfeld.

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