Interview - Russell Ferguson

Interview - Russell Ferguson

Alexander Kennedy takes a walk in the woods and meets Russell Ferguson, co-owner and curator at Analogue

Alexander Kennedy Tell me about the exhibition space at Analogue. Which artists have you shown there and what kind of work do you exhibit?

Russell Ferguson
We always wanted to have an exhibition space in Analogue but it was only in 2005 that we finally got round to sorting it out. We show a mixture of Scottish and National/International artists and illustrators. Some artists who have shown here include Lucy McLauchlan, Neasden Control Centre, Jon Burgerman and Yokoland. We’ve just finished a great exhibition by a Stirling-based illustrator called David Galletly.

AK Tell me about the new show, who is involved and what they get up to?

RF Our new exhibition is a group show on the theme ‘Take To The Woods’. We haven’t had a group show before so we thought we would really go for it with 30 different artists. Some of the artists have shown here before but there are plenty we are working with for the first time, like Glasgow-based artists Stuart White and Samuel Sparrow. The young illustrators collective Big Nasty will be painting directly onto the walls of the gallery in the couple of days leading up to the exhibition. We will also be publishing a booklet featuring each of the artists.

AK You focus particularly on what could loosely be described as ‘graphic art’. Can you tell us briefly about the current state of this area in Scotland.

RF I think a lot of people would consider the work we show to be illustration or graphics rather than art but there is such a crossover nowadays between disciplines that you can’t pigeonhole work so easily. Quite a few of the artists we show studied fine art but their work happens to be quite graphic or illustrative. I think it’s great that so many artists we work with can make a living from what they do rather than relying on grants or jobs on the side.

Take to the Woods, Analogue, Edinburgh, until Sat 15 Dec.

Take To the Woods

For Analogue's first commissioned group show, 30 of the gallery's favourite artists contemplate getting away from it all and 'taking to the woods'.

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