Interview: DJ Tom Loud of Hot Dub Time Machine

Interview: DJ Tom Loud of Hot Dub Time Machine

The time-travelling audi-visual party makes a return to Edinburgh for Christmas and Hogmanay

Tom Loud’s much raved about, not to mention raved at, Hot Dub Time Machine at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe was ‘truly a life-changing experience’, he admits. So it’s little surprise to hear that the Sydney DJ is bringing his self-styled ‘Best. Party. Ever.’ back to the city for Edinburgh’s other big festival season, with a run of special Christmas events at acclaimed venue, Summerhall.

Nor is it surprising to hear that he’s pumped at the prospect. ‘This Christmas season is going to be an awesome end to a very special year for me,’ he enthuses. ‘I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’
Loud sums up his nostalgia-powered decades and genres-spanning club experience thus:

‘Hot Dub Time Machine is the world’s first time-travelling dance party. We travel back in time and music history to the birth of rock’n’roll, then we dance, sing, yell, rave and hug our way on to 2013. It’s a musical rollercoaster: intense, fun, exhausting and addictive.’

It’s an experience that brings together twisting to ‘Twist and Shout’, doing the running man to New Kids on the Block, and bouncing around to The Proclaimers, all held together with flashy visuals, interactive embellishments and pure personality. You could be forgiven for assuming that a DJ who’s not averse to such student-union quantities of dancefloor cheese might plan to exploit the season’s potential, but Loud offers strong assurances to the contrary.

‘There are always a few twists in a Hot Dub seasonal show, but I can make a solemn promise that there will be no Christmas carols or Yuletide songs in there,’ he insists. ‘Take a break from Christmas schmaltz and get down to some truly great music. Although I may place some mistletoe around. Encouraging festive frolicking on cold Edinburgh evenings sounds like fun.’

Summerhall, Wed 4, Sat 7, Wed 11–Sat 14, Wed 18–Sat 21 Dec, 9.30pm, £12.50. Book 0844 545 8252,

Hot Dub Time Machine: What is it?

Hot Dub Time Machine

An all night long mashup of instantly recognisable tunes from the 60s to the present day, presented against a video backdrop.

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