David Tennant worried he'd 'forget' Doctor role

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  • 21 November 2013
Matt Smith and David Tennant

Matt Smith and David Tennant in The Day of the Doctor

David Tennant was worried he'd "forget" how to play the titular Time Lord in 'Doctor Who' and was concerned he would be stepping on current Doctor Matt Smith's toes by reprising his role for the 50th anniversary special

David Tennant was worried he'd "forget" how to play the Doctor.

The 42-year-old actor is returning as the Tenth incantation of the Time Lord for 'Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode on Saturday (23.11.13) and has enjoyed working alongside Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, though he admits he was really nervous before filming began.

He said: "It's been really good fun. I sort of thought, 'Oh, this will be great, I'll say yes to this...' And then of course, as the day approaches it's a slightly odd sensation because then I think, 'Well what if Matt feels like I'm stepping on his toes? Or what if I can't remember how to do it?'

"There's lots of things you become slightly nervous about.

"But because Matt and Jenna[-Louise Coleman] have been so up for it, and so welcoming and generous, it's been a really nice experience actually."

Though David insists he only knew he'd be a part of the special weeks before filming began, he thought it might be a possibility even before he left the show in 2010.

He added to SFX magazine: "I was aware when I left that the 50th anniversary wasn't very far away. And there's that thing with 'Doctor Who' where the moment you get the job, people are asking when you're going to leave. The moment you leave, people ask when you're coming back. It's a possibility that's always being visited upon you by other people."

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